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Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University (ONU)

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ONU Trade Union Committee of students and postgraduates

International Charity Foundation of National Memorial in Ukraine

Academic Center “Science and Education”

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 Distinguished colleagues!
We would like to invite you to take part in the research and practice conference
“An individual in totalitarian society: XXI century reflections”

which will be held  on June 23–27, 2013 under the auspices of Odessa I. I. Mechnikov University

The conference is carried out under the comprehensive program

Totalitarian phenomenon, its manifestation and the ways of tackling”



We invite everyone who is involved in these issues to send thematic materials for posting

on the corresponding program sections on the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University website


The scope of discussed issues from historical and contemporary point of view will include:

¨    theoretical and practical issues, connected with human existence, assimilation,

self-realization / depersonalisation, self-fulfilment / extermination in totalitarian society;

¨    the consequences of totalitarianism in different fields and its effect on human personality, his life,

activity, perception;

¨    ways and methods of fight against totalitarianism of both individuals and society in general.


We invite experts

 in different fields:

History, Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Psychology, Sociology, Politology, Law, Economics,

Culturology, Esthetics, Art criticism, Philology, Journalism, Pedagogics,

Natural science (History of Science), Mathematics (Information Systems) and others

of different age groups and proficiency levels:

bachelors, masters, postgraduates, associate professors, professors and other staff members of higher school,

teachers, secondary school supervisors, research assistants of institutes, research centres,   

museums, archives, libraries and other cultural institutions.


Program of the conference, round-table topics, disputes, workshops, breakout sessions, presentations and other events will be formed on the basis of applications and materials provided by participants. Working languages are Ukrainian, Russian and English. 

Other languages may be included at the suggestion of the participants and the ability of the organizing committee to provide interpretation.

Preliminary proposals on the subject-specific areas of focus for the discussion, application form, required application norms and the list of the organizing committee members are enclosed as separate files. All materials will also be available on the ONU website in “2013 Conferences“ (June) section, the comprehensive program Totalitarian phenomenon, its manifestation and the ways of tackling”: http://onu.edu.ua/en/science/sprograms/ ; http://onu.edu.ua/ru/science/sprograms/

Please, send the application for participation in the conference, as well as at your option:

     abstracts (up to 2000 printed characters including spaces),

     presentation (up to 8000 printed characters including spaces),

     report (up to 14 000 printed characters with including spaces),

     article (up to 24 000 printed characters with including spaces),

     presentation materials, etc.,

by March 25, 2013.

The steering committee reserves the right not to accept the application and materials if they:

     do not correspond to the theme of the conference,

     do not correspond to the requirements for scientific (journalistic, artistic) publication,

     contain ideas of antihumanism, xenophobia, racism, violence, etc.,

     violate the required application norms,

     are sent after the deadline.


On the basis of the received applications and materials, the preliminary version of the conference program will be written and the electronic form will be sent to participants by April 25.

After receiving your feedback and additional suggestions the conference program will be rewritten, the first version of the electronic collection of materials will be ready, and the whole set of documents with the official invitation will be sent to the participants by May 31.

The conference will discuss materials during thematic round-table discussions, debates, workshops, breakout sessions, presentations, etc.

The collection will include conference materials and discussions’ results; its electronic version will be available in data repository of Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University with Internet access.


Organizational issues.

Travel, accommodation and meal costs are not included. Online participation is available (please, specify it in the application). The organizing committee provides informational support and, in case of need, accommodation assistance.


Address for applications and materials:

e-mail: razum@onu.edu.ua ; razum@ukr.net

Koval’chuk Lidiya Vsevolodovna

17/13, Troitskaya St, Odessa-12, Ukraine, 65012

tel.: (38) (048) 700 69 50, (38) 094 95 299 50

tel-fax (answer phone): (38) (048) 722 18 67 (round-the-clock)


Conference Organizing Committee